We have partnered with Kids Cooking For Life (KCL) to offer a series of 4 virtual hands-on cooking classes for healthy eating and home cooking. These classes are offered quarterly for up to 20 children and adolescents living with a chronic medical condition between the ages of 10 and 20 years old. Each class will be an hour and fifteen minutes long and offered weekly over a span of 4 weeks.

All classes will be based on the Kids Cooking For Life’s curriculum around the four pillars of healthy eating:

  1. Be Sugar Smart: Learn what healthy sugar is. How much sugar is OK?
  2. Eat the Rainbow: How do we add more colors on our plate that is delicious and simple?
  3. All-In for Whole Grains: Know the great benefits of whole foods v.s. refined/processed food
  4. Lean on Protein: How to eat more proteins that keep me full longer and strong

During this FREE 4 class series, participants will learn:

  • Basic cooking techniques to make meal preparation fun and easy
  • Tips to make healthy food taste delicious
  • How to fit healthy eating into a budget
  • How to be confident and safe in your kitchen: safe knife skills and heat cooking
  • How to make your food delicious using creativity and fun: learn about substitution and variation
  • Don't let food labels misguide you: learn how to read nutrition facts and ingredients 
  • Try new foods, new tastes, new texture, new culture and new discovery every week

Participants and their families will be provided with a grocery list before each class and will be asked to obtain their own ingredients. Average grocery cost is $18-$25 for 4 servings. If families are unable to purchase groceries on their own, free grocery deliveries will be available.


Children ages 10 to 12 must have a parent, guardian, or an older sibling present in the kitchen at all times during the cooking classes. Adolescents ages 13 to 17 must have at least a parent, guardian or an older sibling present at home in the vicinity during the cooking class.


Kids cooking for Life allowed my son to learn a valuable skill while having a blast with peers he could relate to .The instructor was patient and kind and knowledgeable re: nutrition. Recipes were tailored to his vegetarian diet. He loved being allowed to be in the kitchen on his own , and cooking us dinner, and we reaped the benefits of it as well. The instructor was skilled at relating to each child individually and getting them to connect with one another, even in a virtual setting . On top of it, he’s now reading food labels and paying attention to protein and sugar.  Thank you. He can’t wait for the next class!

Anonymous Parent of a Participant